At Denoy Physical Therapy & Wellness, we treat a variety of  diagnosis, including both orthopedic and sports related injuries, as  well as pre and post surgical rehabilitation, arthritis, neck and back  pain, work related and motor vehicle injuries, muscle imbalance and  postural related dysfunction, TMJ and Headaches.

Our top 10 diagnosis we treat include:
Back Pain (Lumbar)                                        Herniated Disc (Neck or Back)
Neck Pain (Cervical)                                      Arthritis/DJD (Knee/Hip/Spine)
Sciatica                                                                 Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
TMJ Dysfunction                                            Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)
Headaches                                                          Ankle or Knee Sprain

    We specialize in treating back and neck pain, Extremity pain, TMJ  and Headaches. Our manual medicine experts will assist you in achieving  both maximal pain relief and return to function. We are invested in  meeting your health care needs both in our approach to customer service  and clinical practice. You will receive an individualized and custom  tailored evaluation and treatment program allowing you to achieve  results you expect.     You will work directly with your evaluating therapist. You will  never be treated by a Physical Therapy Aide, and you will work one on  one with your therapist. We are a very Hands-on clinic and you will work  with experienced, manual therapists who will perform specialized  techniques to assist you in relieving your pain. You will then be taught  exercises, postural and ergonomic education, and techniques you can use  to independently manage and correct your problem long term. We don't  believe in short term results; we believe in long term results and  preventative treatment. THE REFERRAL PROCESS:

    Our referral coordinator will work with you to make the process as  painless as possible. We attempt to schedule patients immediately and  provide both same day and evening appointments. You will need a  prescription from your primary care doctor or specialist. We also accept  referrals from dentists, podiatrists, other medical doctors, Nurse  Practioners (N.P.'s), or Physician Assistants (P.A.'s). Your insurance  may also require a PCP referral depending upon your particular policy.  Our coordinator can inform and assist you in attaining this referral.  INSURANCE PROVIDERS:     We are a preferred network provider with most major health  insurance plans. We also accept all forms of workers compensation and  motor vehicle accident claims. The following is a list of health care  providers we are affiliated with:

Aetna Health Insurance                                                   BMC Healthnet Plan
Blue Cross/ Blue Shield                                                    Cigna
Commonwealth Indemnity/GIC/Unicare               Great West Healthcare
HCVM/First Health/Coventry                                     Harvard Pilgrim
MassHealth                                                                            MedicareB/Railroad Medicare                     
Neighborhood Healthplan (NHP)                               Tufts Plans
Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS)                        Tricare
United Healthcare                                                              Network Health